Worship Extreme

Powerful Cloud Presentation

Worship Extreme has moved to the cloud! The first free cloud based church presentation software. Access your songs, media and cue lists from any computer with an internet connection. Long gone are the days of transferring files from computer to computer. Have what you need all the time. Download Worship Extreme Live to get started!


Cloud Based


Access your song library, images, videos, cue lists from any computer with an internet connection. You can throw away your flash drive!

Song Library

Song Library

Manage all your songs and announcements in one place. Easily manage templates and set song order.

Media Library

Media Library

Manage your media from any computer. Import once and media will be available on all computers. Easily upload, sort, organize into folders, preview and more.



Embed PowerPoints right into your cue lists. Launch with PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer.


Run Worship Extreme Live on Mac or Windows.

Web Video Support


Add YouTube videos to your cue list, even overlay text.


What others are saying

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for this amazing software and thank you for making it so easily accessible to us! I downloaded the program last week and used it live in our women’s meeting last night and am so impressed with what it can do! I have just purchased the pro version and am even more amazed at its capabilities. Thanks again this is such an answer to prayer!

I thank you guys for a program like this. I'm a pastor of a small church and we can not afford a $400 program. Thanks for thinking about the little guys!

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