Song Lyrics

Customizing Slide Order

On Presenter by Worship Extreme, there are three different ways you can customize and rearrange the order (or arrangement) of the lyric slides in a Cue.

Option 1: No Order

When a song is first imported into Presenter, there will be a default order. It is typically just the individual sections of the song without any particular arrangement or repeats. 

Option 2: Custom Default Order

The Custom Slide Order option allows users to rearrange the default order/arrangement for a particular song. This can make for a more seamless Presenter experience during the service, as all the lyrics would be in the correct order.

To customize, check the corresponding box on the bottom right of the Song Editor page. This will open a new pane on the right side of the Presenter window (pictured below). To add a Slide to the Custom Slide Order, simply click the "+" next to the Slide you want to add. Click "Add Blank" if you want to add a blank transition slide before, after, or between different sections. Within the Custom Slide Order pane, you may also drag to rearrange Slide items until you arrive at your desired arrangement.

Please note that by creating a custom slide order, this is the new default preset for this song. Whenever this song is added to a Cue, this custom order will be used.

Option 3: Cue Order

Option 2 demonstrated how to set a custom default order for a song, but you may occasionally want to deviate from that default arrangement. This 3rd option comes in handy in those kinds of scenarios.

To edit the Cue order, simply open the Cue from the Cue List (circled in the picture below). Here, slides can be dragged/dropped around to create the desired order. You can click the "copy" icon in the top right corner of each slide's preview thumbnail to "Duplicate" that slide, and you can also use the "Add Slide" drop-down menu to accomplish the same thing. These functions come in handy when repeating sections of a song. (Note that when you "Add Slide," the slide will show up at the end of your current order. (In the example pictured below, the slide for "Chorusa" was added after the last existing slide.)

By arranging order at this Cue level, it only affects this Cue on this Cue List. It will not affect a song's default order, as set in Options 1 and/or 2.

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