Song Lyrics

Slide Order

There are three ways to set/create a slide order for song lyrics in Worship Extreme.

Option 1: No Order

This is the standard order. Slides will show and display in the order they appear in the editor.

Option 2: Custom Order

This is a custom order set in the lyrics editor that allows slides to be duplicated or skipped. It also allows for blank slides or placeholders to be inserted into the order. When this song is added to a cue, the custom order set on the right will be used.

Option 3: Cue Order

This order is set in the cue view once a song has been set as the foreground. This order is specific to the cue and will not be saved back to the song record. This option comes in handy if the same song is done twice in a service with a different order. Slides can also be dragged/dropped in this view to create the order.

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