Polls Overview

Worship Extreme Polls is an easy, fun feature that lets you create polls and have people in your audience or congregation vote on their smart phone or tablets. You can then instantly display the results of the poll on screen.

Create a poll

In the command tool bar at the top, click the poll icon, the click "Create New".

In the Edit Poll window, enter your poll question, permalink and answers. The permalink will be used by your audience to access the poll on their mobile device. Choose something unique, but simple and easy to type.

Create a poll cue

Once your poll has been created, click the "Create Cue" button in the bottom left. (note: this button will only show if a cue list is open) This will create a new presentation that you can use to point users to the correct URL and also display your poll results.


Your audience can vote at any time as long as the poll status is "Open". Voting is done by pulling up your unique poll URL. In the example above, www.wepolls.net/summer is used.

Users can vote once per poll every 24 hours.

Display Results

Your poll results can be displayed at any time by firing one of the results slides.