Stage Display

Stage Display

The stage display is a great way to display song lyrics, scripture, presentations and more to the people on stage during a service or event. To enable the stage display, connect a third display to your computer and launch Presenter. Worship Extreme Pro or Pro Plus is required to use the stage display.

If you don't have a third display or need more mobility, check out the Stage Display mobile app.

To change your screen configuration, go to "Manage Account" in the upper right, then "Settings". Under "Screen Configuration", the stage display can be moved to another monitor or turned on/off.

Customize Stage Display

To customize what elements are shown on your stage display and their formatting, navigate to "Settings" > "Screen Configuration".

Available Elements:

  • Current Time
  • Video Countdown
  • Countdown
  • Alert
  • Current Slide
  • Next Slide

Send Alert to Stage Display

To send an alert (message) to the stage display and stage display mobile app, press "F9".

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