Multiple Output Screens

With Presenter by Worship Extreme, you can set multiple output screens with different formatting for each screen. There's no limit – Presenter can use all the displays connected to your computer. This is a great way to create lower third lyrics for a live stream while keeping the full-screen lyrics look for your main screens/TVs. To set up your screens, click the gear icon in the top right, then "Settings." Once you're on the program Settings page, click "Screen Configuration" from the left menu.

By default,  Main Audience Output and Stage Display are already listed as screens you can select from. Main Audience Output is your main audience display screen and Stage Display is your band's confidence monitor. 

If you have any physical screens/TVs connected to your computer, they will show up under "Display" to the right. In the example image above, you can see that there are two external screens connected to Presenter, identified as "Display 1" and "Display 2." Select which one you want to designate for each screen.

To add a new screen, click "+ Add Screen." In the example below, a new screen, labeled "Livestream - Lower Third Lyrics," was added. Again, you can designate which Display you want the screen to go to. In this case, because  Main Audience Output is using "Display 1," and Stage Display is using "Display 2," the Livestream screen was set to "Window."

Finish selecting the other settings for your new screen and makes sure to "Save."

Note the option to "Override foreground template." Here, you can designate a different format for the text being displayed on this particular screen. Notice that this one is set to the "Lower Third" template. This will tell Presenter to apply the selected template to all text going out on the   Livestream screen.

To use multiple output screens, Worship Extreme Pro or Pro Plus is required.

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