Music Stand

View Options

There are several different ways to view chord sheets in Music Stand. To select a view option, open the properties menu by touching the song title at the top of the screen.

That done, you'll notice three categories:

  • Format
  • Format Settings
  • Song Settings

Each of these categories has multiple options within, which are listed below.


Chord Chart (1 column)

The first format option, Chord Chart (1 column), displays the chord chart as a single column of chords and lyrics, spanning as many pages as needed. This is a fairly uncluttered view of the song, and a good way to view the chart if you don't mind having more pages to scroll through.

Chord Chart (2 column)

The second format option, Chord Chart (2 column), displays the chord chart in 2 columns down the page. This option, displays as much information as Chord Chart (1 column), but also fits more of the chart onto a single page. This is a great option if you want to minimize the number of page changes.

Lyrics Only

If you wish to only view the lyrics of a song, the last format option, Lyrics Only, does just that.

Custom Attachment

This option will take you to the "Select Attachment" menu, where you can choose to display an uploaded PDF rather than a chord chart.

Format Settings


Changing the capo option on a chord chart will automatically transpose all the chords of the song into the appropriate key. In the example below, the capo option is set to "4". As a result, all chords are adjusted such that they sound in the key of D when played on that has a capo on the 4th fret. Notice how the first chord is now a Bb instead of A. The capo option does not change how anything sounds, it only adjusts chords to sound in the selected key assuming you're playing a guitar with a capo at the specified fret.

Number Chart

Toggling the number chart option changes all the chords in a song to their numeric equivalents in the selected key. In the example below the first chord, marked as "1", corresponds to the first chord the key of D, which is D.

Song Settings


Changing the key option transposes all chords in a song to the desired key. Below we have directly changed the key to Bb, and the chords all change to reflect this.


Changing the tempo of a song (measured in beats per minute) displays the new tempo on the chart next to the original tempo, which is faded out. In addition to this visual change, clicking the metronome icon in the top right will click the new tempo as well.

Notice below how the tempo is now set to 130 beats per minute.

Edit Song

This option will take you to the "Edit Song" menu, where you can change the song title and artist fields, manage attachments, and open the ChordPro┬« editor. You can view documentation for the editor here.