Music Stand

Connecting to Other Devices

Connecting to Other Devices

Music Stand can connect to other devices running Music Stand in addition to desktop computers running Presenter. The following sections detail how to allow connections to your device, and how to set up connections to other devices.

Allowing Connections From Other Devices

To allow connections from other devices, first open the menu by clicking the menu icon in the top left of the screen. This will display a screen similar to below:

Click "Connect to Device" in the bottom left corner. A window will appear will a few options. Click the toggle button labelled "Make my device discoverable". This will make your device visible to other users in the same team as you.

After making your device discoverable, the "Connect to Device" button will be replaced with a button labelled "Turn off device discovery". This button will make your device again invisible to other users, and disconnect any device connected to yours.

Connecting to a Discovery Device

On your device, you can see all the discoverable devices on your team in the "Connect to Device" menu, accessible by clicking "Connect to Device" in the bottom left. The menu will list the device names, and whether the device is running Music Stand or the Presenter desktop software. By simply clicking an option you can connect your device to it and sync all page changes. If the device you are looking for is not present in this menu, make sure that device is set to "discoverable" (see the explanation in "Allowing Connections From Other Devices" above)

After clicking on an option, your device will automatically be synced to the song and page the host device is on. Whenever the host device changes pages or songs, your device will also be automatically updated. If you'd like to end the connection, simply click "Disconnect from (device name)" in the bottom left of the menu.

Important Notes for Connected Devices

  • Connecting to a device does not remove your ability to operate Music Stand normally. You can change songs and pages independently, but these changes won't be sent to the host device, and your position will be auto-updated whenever the host device changes.
  • You must be on the same cuelist to receive host device events.
  • You must have the same formatting options selected to receive page change events from a host device. For example, if the host device is viewing a song in 2 column format, and the connected device is in 1 column format, the host device may have fewer pages. In this situation changing pages will not reflect the same movement through the song, and thus page changes are disable, though the connected device will still change songs as normal.