Cues and Cue Lists

Intro to Cues and Cue Lists

In Presenter, two of the main features that you will work with are Cues and Cue Lists.

A Cue refers to each program item for a particular service. A Cue can be a single media item, such as an image, video, or motion graphic, or it can be a set of slides, such as a set of song lyrics, sermon slides, announcement slides, and/or Scripture excerpts.

The Cue List, then, is your service "setlist." It's an ordered list of each Cue that you have prepared for projection during the service, so you'll want to create a new Cue List for each service. If you need to reference past Cue Lists, select "Cue Lists" from the top menu on the Presenter program, right next to the green Presenter logo.

The Cue List is found on the left pane of Presenter. In the example picture above, the Cue List has 6 Cues in it. When you select a Cue, in this case, "Amazing Grace," you'll see the full slide set for the Cue on the right. The slide highlighted in green indicates the currently selected slide - this is what is being displayed to the audience. You can also reference the preview pane in the bottom left corner of the Presenter window to see what's being projected to the audience.

To learn how to edit Cues, please reference the other Docs we have available, and check out the video on the Cue List Features Doc. Some Related Articles are linked for you to check out.

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