Song Lyrics

Creating Lyric/Scripture Templates

Presenter by Worship Extreme comes with three preset templates for song lyrics and Scripture slides, but also offers the ability to create custom ones.

To create a template, start by clicking on "Songs" at the top of the Presenter app. In the top right corner of the following pop-up pane, select "Templates." If you'd like to modify an existing template, select it from the list, make your changes, and "Save." To make a new template, click "Create New," give the template a name in the textbox above the "Formatting" tab, design the Template with the various available options, and "Save" when you are done.

Once the Templates have been made and/or modified, they will be available for selection when editing songs in the Cue. Any Templates you create can be applied to Lyrics, as well as any Scripture slides. To learn how to apply these to your Song and Scripture Cues, please reference the "Applying Template" Doc.

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