Cues and Cue Lists

Auto Fire

Auto Fire is a default setting on Presenter that is set to immediately launch (or "fire") the first slide of a cue to the output screens when the cue is selected on the left Cue List pane. This feature makes for quick, uninterrupted transitions from one cue to the next during your live service. In the example image above, clicking on "I Surrender All" from the left Cue List triggers the first slide of that song to "auto-fire" to the Display Screen. The user does not need to click the "Verse 1" slide to begin projecting.

Note that cues can still be edited even when Auto Fire is on - simply click on the pencil icon that pops up to the right of the cue name on the Cue List when the cursor hovers over the cue, or right click on the cue in the Cue List and click "Edit."

By default, the Auto Fire setting is turn on in Presenter. However, some users prefer to have more manual control over what goes up on the screen and/or when it goes up on the screen. In other cases, users may want to view other cues without firing those cues to the screen. When Auto Fire is turned off, a cue will only launch to your Display Screen when you open the cue and click on a slide item from the larger pane to the right of the Cue List. Referring back to the image above, the user would have to manually click on the Verse 1 slide (or any slide in that cue) to fire it to the screen.

To turn Auto Fire on/off, navigate to your Presenter settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner and selecting "Settings." Under Settings > Cue Defaults, you'll see the Auto Fire option. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom and click the green "Save" button after you make your changes.

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