Cues and Cue Lists

Editing with the Bulk Cue Editor

The Bulk Cue Editor in Presenter allows for making changes to multiple cues at a time. To open the editor, open a cue list and click on the bullet-list icon at the top of the cue list panel.

In the editor, a list of all your individual cues is displayed on the left. When one or more cues are selected from the list, a menu of four bulk-edit options appears on the right:

  1. Set Background
  2. Set Foreground
  3. Set Auto Advance
  4. Set Transition

(Tip: hold Ctrl or Shift on your keyboard to select multiple cues at once.)

Set Background

This option is a quick way to apply the same background image, video, graphic, or even a webpage, for multiple cues.

Set Foreground

Similarly, this option provides the ability to apply the same foreground Lyrics, Slides, or PowerPoints to multiple cues.

Set Auto Advance

Auto Advance is a feature in Presenter that instructs the program to switch from one cue to another specified cue after a set amount of time.

Set Transition

To add a fade transition to multiple cues, use this option. This fade will not only apply to transitions between these cues but will also apply to each slide within the selected cues.