Account Users

Allowing each user that uses your Worship Extreme account to have their own login comes with many benefits:

  • Security: You won't have to share your email/password to give someone access.
  • Permissions: Only give needed access. Set permission level to prevent account changes or purchases.
  • Multi-account: A user who already has a Worship Extreme account will be able to access all accounts they have access to from a single login.

Adding a user to your account

  • Navigate to account section of
  • After logging in, select "Users & Permissions" under the organization you would like to manage users for.
  • Click "Add User" in the top right.
  • Fill out the user's details and select "Add User".

An email will be sent to the user's email address with a link for them to set their password.

Comparison of Worship Extreme account permission levels

View View & Edit
View cue lists, song lyrics, templates and media check check
Edit cue lists, song lyrics, templates and media check check
Sync cue lists, song lyrics, templates and media with cloud check
Add media from media store

Comparison of Worship Extreme organization roles

Member Admin
Access Worship Extreme accounts they have been given access to check check
Manage organization info and payment methods check
Upgrade/downgrade Worship Extreme accounts check
Add/remove Worship Extreme account add-ons (ex: Bibles) check
Manage org and Worship Extreme account users, permissions and roles check