Add/modify users


Allowing each user that uses your Worship Extreme account to have their own login comes with many benefits:

Adding a user to your account

An email will be sent to the user's email address with a unique invite code. The user will use that code to join your Worship Extreme account.

Accepting an account invite

Once the new user receives the email with their invite code, they should download and launch Worship Extreme. They should then login with their Worship Extreme login. If they do not have one, they can create one or login with Facebook or Google.

If it's the user's first time logging in, they will be presented with the option to create a new account or accept an invite. Click "Enter Invite Code" and enter the code from the email.

If the user already has created their own Worship Extreme account or is a connected to others, this dialog will not appear. In this case, they should accept the invite at

Comparison of Worship Extreme account permission levels

View View & Edit View, Edit & Purchase Media
View cue lists, song lyrics, templates and media
Edit cue lists, song lyrics, templates and media
Sync cue lists, song lyrics, templates and media with cloud
Purchase media from store

Comparison of Worship Extreme organization roles

Member Admin
Access Worship Extreme accounts they have been given access to
Manage organization info and payment methods
Upgrade/downgrade Worship Extreme accounts
Add/remove Worship Extreme account add-ons (ex: Bibles)
Manage org and Worship Extreme account users, permissions and roles