Adding Bibles

Presenter by Worship Extreme offers many Bibles integrated into the application, making it easy to pull up scripture and use it in your presentations.

Free Bibles


  • American Standard Version (ASV)
  • King James Version (KJV)
  • World English Bible (WEB)

French (Français)

  • Bible Segond 1910 (LSG)
  • Bible Darby en français (FRDBY)
  • Ostervald (OST)
  • Nouvelle Segond révisée (NVS78P)

Danish (Dansk)

  • Danske Bibel 1871 (DA1871)

German (Deutsch)

  • Elberfelder 1871 (ELB71)
  • Lutherbibel 1912 (DELUT)

Czech (Čeština)

  • Bible Kralická 1613 (CSBKR)

Welsh (Cymraeg)

  • Beibl Cymraeg Newydd Diwygiedig 2004 (BCND)
  • Beibl William Morgan - Argraffiad 1955 (BWM)
  • 2015, 2019 (BNET)
  • Salmau Cân 1621 (Edmwnd Prys) (SC)

Paid Bibles


  • Christian Standard Bible (CSB) - $4/year
  • English Standard Version (ESV) - $4/year
  • New International Version (NIV) - $4/year
  • New International Version - UK (NIVUK) - $4/year
  • New Living Translation (NLT) - $4/year
  • New American Standard Bible (NASB) - $4/year
  • New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) - $4/year

French (Français)

  • Nouvelle Français courant (NFC) - $4/year
  • Parole de Vie 2017 (PDV2017) - $4/year

German (Deutsch)

  • Hoffnung für alle (HFA) - $4/year

Paid Bibles can be added to any Worship Extreme account, Just navigate to your account page, click Plan and Add-Ons, and purchase the Bible of your choice. Once that's done, check out this article for info on how to install the Bible into Presenter.

Submit a Bible

If you are a Bible publisher and would like to add your Bible to Worship Extreme, contact us to get started.

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