View Options


In Music Stand by Worship Extreme, there are various view options you can modify per each song:

To get to these options, open the song from the cue list and then click on the song title at the top of the Music Stand app. This article will walk through the Format options.


Under the Format settings, you can select between the following view options:

Chord Chart (1 column) displays the chord chart as a single column of chords and lyrics, spanning as many pages as needed. This provides a fairly uncluttered view of the song if you don't mind having more pages to scroll through.

Chord Chart (2 columns) displays the chord chart in two columns down the page. This option fits more of the chart onto a single page, so it's great if you want to minimize the number of page changes.

Lyrics Only will hide the chords to only show lyrics on the page. 

Note: songs that don't have chords on file with SongSelect, like "Amazing Grace" in the example image, will not give options to view the chord charts.

Lastly, there is also an option to view  Custom Attachments if you've uploaded any. Please check out the Adding Attachments document to learn more about how to do this.

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