Apple Music and Spotify Integrations

This top section is specific to Admin or View and Edit permission holders only.

Planning by Worship Extreme allows users to integrate their Apple Music and/or Spotify accounts to link songs from those platforms to their Worship Extreme song files.

When you open a song from your library, you'll see a section for Media. If a song is imported from SongSelect, Planning will auto-populate some media options from YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify. (If you don't have a CCLI account connected, you can manually enter and save the CCLI Song # to each song.)

Once you've imported the song from CCLI or manually entered and saved the CCLI song number, select your favorite ones to make them available to your team for practice purposes. To do so, make sure you're in the "Song - Edit" mode and click "Manage Media." Make your selections and save. Now, any time the song is added to a service, the worship team will be able to access these selected recordings from the Rehearse tab on the service plan. (They will only be able to hear a 30-second preview of the recording unless they connect their personal Apple Music and/or Spotify account, Instructions below.)

For songs that do not have a CCLI number, such as an original piece or a song that is not available through CCLI, media options will not be available. Note that some songs may not be available through the media integration function even if the songs are distributed on those platforms. In this case, we recommend linking from YouTube or uploading a .mp3 file for that song. (Uploading .mp3s requires a certain type of license. Please contact your license provider for more details.)

Setting up the Integrations

This section is applicable to all users regardless of their permission level

If you have a personal Apple Music and/or Spotify account that you'd like to connect to, navigate to Settings on Planning by clicking on the small arrow next to your user info in the bottom left corner. On the Settings page, click "Connect" under your streaming platform of choice and sign in via the following pop-up window/tab. After you sign in, you will need to approve permissions for Worship Extreme to connect with your Apple Music and/or Spotify account. Once that's done, you can go back to your Songs and access those recordings in full.

Please note that these integrations are per user. They are not account-wide integrations that can be shared amongst multiple members. While the song page will display the same media files for all Planning users, only those who have integrated an Apple Music and/or Spotify account will be able to hear the full song.

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