Service Order

In Planning by Worship Extreme, the service order is essentially the same as a Presenter cue list. And with cloud sync, any edits made in Planning will be automatically applied to Presenter and Music Stand as long as all devices are connected to the Internet.

To begin putting together a service order, navigate to Services from the left-hand menu on Planning. Open up an existing service or create a new one. By default, the Order tab will already be open when you open up a service.

Here, the Add a Header button is equivalent to a cue group on Presenter, while Add an Item will create the individual cues. (Headers do not count towards the 15 cue limit on the Free plan.) When adding items to a service, you can designate a length of time for each item and include any notes for the team.

To add a song, click + Add Item. Then, under the Song section, select from your existing song library or import directly from SongSelect*. Any attached lyrics, chord charts, custom attachments, and media for that song will be available for access under the Rehearse tab and in the Music Stand mobile app. 

For other projection items such as announcement slides, sermon slides, or Scripture references, Planning will leave them as a blank cue in your service until you open up the service from within Presenter and attach/create the relevant slides.

To move items around on the service order, click and hold the 6-dot icon to the very left and drag the header or item to the desired place. To edit or delete something from the list, click the  Edit button on the right. You can also show or hide certain items in each app - reference the "Show All Items" View Option article to learn more.

*Requires a paid SongSelect subscription.

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