Intro to Services

On the Services page of Planning by Worship Extreme, you can create and schedule out all your services, including any cue lists created in Presenter and Music Stand. Here, you can filter services by service type using the table on the left and view past services by clicking the Show Past button at the top.

To edit an existing service, simply select it from the list. To create a new service, click New, fill out the service details, and Save. Then, begin planning out the service with various cues, items, roles, etc.  Note: Planning will require you to designate a Service Type when setting up a new service. Manage your service types on the Service Types page on the left Planning menu.

When a service is opened (as pictured below), the service details are displayed in the top left. Add any attachments, such as relevant images, sermon notes, etc., in the box to the right. Under these sections, there are three tabs – Order, People, and Rehearse. These are where you will plan out all the details for this service and access song materials. 

Check out the "Related Docs" below for more information about these tabs and how to continue setting up your services.

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