Intro to Roles

Before you can start creating services and scheduling people in Planning by Worship Extreme, you'll need to add users, set their permission levels, and give them designated roles from the People page. Please note that the People page and its subpages are only accessible to Admins, so you'll need to be an Admin-level user to follow along with the instructions in this article.

To manage roles and groups, click on  People, then Roles from the left menu. You can create as many groups as you'd like, with various roles tucked under each group. For example, you may have a group for "Worship Team" that consists of roles such as Worship Leader, Vocals, Drums, Bass, Keys, Violin, etc. The image below shows examples of roles that may be part of a group for the "Pulpit Team." Use the various pencil icons on this page to edit groups or roles. You can also delete roles and groups from this page.

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