Worship Extreme 2020

Our Best Release Yet

Worship Extreme 2020 is filled with new features and enhancements, and as always, it's a FREE update for all users.

Worship Extreme 2020

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Important Note
Changes made in Worship Extreme 2020 will not sync down to Worship Extreme 2019.
Please update all computers that access your account.

What's new?

Slide Templates

Slide template library available to Pro Plus users. Unlimited access to professional templates.

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Improved Cloud Sync

Changes now sync in real time, reducing required sync time and conflicts.

Bulk Cue Editor

This new editor allows for making changes to more than one cue at a time. Accessible under "Cue List Options" when cue list is open.

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More 2020 updates:

  • Pro Plus motions can be added right from the cue editor.
  • Redesigned Pro Plus Media section.
  • Media library hides Pro Plus media by default.
  • Cue editor will show video if background media is a video.
  • Alerts and Countdowns can be displayed/previewed without a secondary screen connected.
  • Countdown now has "Stage Display Only" option.
  • Scripture reference can now be displayed in other locations and hide Bible version.
  • Scripture text auto-scales down if all words do not fit on screen.
  • SongSelect import has 'max lines per slide' option.
  • PCO cue list import sets cue backgrounds via "Default Media Background" setting.
  • Twitter "tweet groups" now sync from computer to computer.
  • "Editor Background" moved to application settings.
  • Facebook and Google login now uses computer's default browser.
  • Added "Welcome Tour".
  • Added option to inherit background by default.
  • Media filters are now retained when changing screens.
  • Planning Center Services plan import now imports all items, not just first 25.
  • SongShow Plus lyrics importer.