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Hiding/deleting slides from PowerPoint cue

December 17, 2018
Our church uses a digital hymnal (Lift Up Your Hearts) which has all the songs in PowerPoint format. I understand how to import a song into the cue list, but what if we want to omit certain verses from the song? Is there a way to hide or delete a few slides from the PowerPoint cue once it is imported without having to change the original file? 
Posted by Bethany
December 18, 2018
Are you able to import these songs via SongSelect?  Songs are much easier to work with when they in the Worship Extreme format and not PowerPoint.
Posted by Adam
December 18, 2018
Yes, probably. However, our church specifically purchased this digital hymnal because the PowerPoint slides show the actual staff music so that we can read parts and sing harmony. We've tried projecting songs with just the lyrics up on the screen and many people in our congregation did not like it because they could not read the music. It's a really important part of the way we worship in our church. We typically sing hymns, not contemporary praise songs. And if it is an unfamiliar tune, we like to be able to read the music. We just purchased this digital hymnal a couple years ago and we love it, so we hope to continue to use it for many years. But I would like a more projector-friendly program to use other than PowerPoint. Worship Extreme has everything I am looking for except for it lacks the ability to omit verses. 
Posted by Bethany
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