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May 10, 2019
The new Songs dropdown filter to search SongSelect in V4.36.2 is good if there are only a few results, but it is awkward if the song selected is not the one I want.

The old song select had the search results alongside the selected song lyrics. If it was not the version I want, I could simply select the next song. Now I must close the lyrics box, which also closes the search box, then open the song search again.

Can you list the search results alongside the selected song lyrics like the old version, or provide next/previous function to cycle through the lyrics of the songs in search results.
Posted by John
May 10, 2019
Thanks for the post. We are planning on adding a lyrics preview on hover. So when you hover over a song in the "Songs" dropdown, a tooltip will pop up showing a few lyric stanzas. Do you think that will suit your needs?
Posted by Adam
May 11, 2019
Thanks for your prompt response. A pop up will definitely help. Will the pop up come up for songs already in our database as well as from Song Select?

Without working with the pop up, I think there are a number of factors which lead me to prefer the old panel with a longer list of results from Song Select than shows in the 'Songs' dropdown - I'm on a satellite service which has long latency, so it takes a little while for the search result to display. Also there are sometimes a large number of similar lyrics (I'm updating public domain hymns & trying to match updated words. Eg for 'All hail the power of Jesus' name' there are over 40 versions in Song Select)
Posted by John
May 14, 2019
Hi John- We just released the SongSelect lyric preview on hover in version 4.39.0, currently an Early Adopter release. If you have a moment, let me know your feedback on the enhancement. Thank you!
Posted by Adam
May 19, 2019
Thanks, Adam. I've had a look at the preview-on-hover. Although it's better than nothing, there are only about 5 lines, which is not enough to see differences , eg if the search is on "the solid rock", the words in all the popups are the same.
Also, if a particular song is selected, then the popup showing the lyrics is closed, the Songs dropdown is also closed, so it needs to be reopened to look at the next option. It would be good to have a 'cancel' option which only closes the lyrics popup without closing the Songs dropdown.
I still prefer the earlier version where all the search results are listed down the left hand side and the lyrics of the selected song are listed on the right.
Regards, John
Posted by John
June 11, 2019
I agree with John. The previous version worked well. It now takes to much clicks to search, compare and select the correct version of a song from SongSelect before it could even be added to the cue list. The little pop-up display sometimes is of no use when it only shows few lines of the song or chorus which might be the same for all the various versions. Also there should be more space to accommodate the results of the search. At present the song library would display its results leaving very little space for the list from SongSelect.
I like it when Import lyrics had its own tab in within the songs tab.
Posted by Petula
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