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Worship Extreme without second monitor?

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By: Nate Latest post: June 14, 2020, 8:33am EDT
May 28, 2020
Is it possible to use Worship Extreme without a second monitor for use solely in OBS?

We have a desktop monitor and a projector hooked up to our streaming computer running OBS. We'd like to use Worship Extreme to add lower-third song lyrics on the stream, and would like to just project the stream.

As I'm looking at the tutorials and docs, I haven't found a way to use Worship Extreme in a window that I can capture with OBS.

Am I missing something, or can't it be done?

Posted by Brad
May 28, 2020
Take a look at this tutorial.
Posted by Adam
June 12, 2020
I saw the video. It requires a HDMI to VGA adapter to trick windows into thinking there's a second monitor connected. I only have one HDMI out on my system (NO VGA, no DVI), so that single HDMI out is the only thing I can use to project to a second monitor.

My problem is, I am already using my only HDMI out port to display the OBS program to the church's displays. Yet again, another solution that does not work for me. I'm really really desperately hoping that Worship Extreme addresses this through software, so it's users don't have to resort to such corny hardware-related workarounds.
Posted by Climbers
June 12, 2020
Depending on which version of Windows you have, you may be able to add a dummy monitor simply in the OS. While researching the issue, I recall coming across several YT videos about doing that. It didn't work on the most recent Windows 10 update we were running, but I figured I'd mention it.

I ended up getting some DisplayPort dummy plugs which work great:

I have no problem using something like those, since they're cheap and they work. And I used to make my own DVI dummy plugs with a DVI-VGA adapter and 3 resistors when I was using my GPU for mining bitcoin.

If the Windows fake monitor trick doesn't work for you, you may have to pick up a USB display adapter.
Posted by Brad
June 12, 2020
Thanks. I think the ultimate solution to avoid all of this would be for Worship Extreme to implement a windowed projector of the output so that OBS can capture it.
Oh well...
Posted by Climbers
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