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Powerpoint with embedded video

May 30, 2019
I'm working through the different things we present & how WE can be used for them. Occasionally we may have a video (eg MP4) embedded in a presentation. some of our people use Keynote & others Powerpoint. We have occasional visitors who usually have a Powerpoint file. Our presentation computer is Windows, with MS Office installed.

In uploading presentations into WE, it looks like the presentation is converted into a series of JPG images of the slides, so if WE is used to present, the video is only shown as a still image. When I use the 'Launch with Powerpoint' button, powerpoint comes up in the taskbar, but the presentation does not appear on the projection screen until I click on the powerpoint in the taskbar. I also need to click on the video on the projection screen to start the video, and go right through to the end of the presentation, before the next cue in the cue list comes up on the projector.

This seems to be on the complex side, am I missing something? What is the normal process, in detail, for using Powerpoint for presentations?

I guess also that Keynote presentations with videos cannot be shown. What's the recommended way of using video clips with Keynote?
Posted by John
May 30, 2019
Hi John- The process you described is correct. In the presentation, you can mark videos to play automatically, that will remove the requirement that you click it.

The PowerPoint presentation shouldn't need to be clicked in the task bar to appear over your display screen. Sometimes the presentation goes behind the display screen if Worship Extreme is clicked before the PowerPoint fully opens.

Because PowerPoint is a separate application, we're limited to what Microsoft lets Worship Extreme control. For animations, transitions and embed videos, PowerPoint needs to be launched to get the best results.
Posted by Adam
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