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Blank slide should not show footer information

June 5, 2019
Hi, I really love the Worship Extreme software, but I have a slight issue with blank slides for songs. I like to have the footer information of the song on all the slides that contain lyrics in a song, but I would not like to have the footer information on blank slides. Sometimes, if there are instrumental sections in the songs, I like to have a blank slide with just the background showing. However, right now if I have blank slides in songs, they will still show the footer information on the bottom. I personally don't like the look of this, so I wish there were some option to change it.
Posted by Tyruke
June 11, 2019
Thanks for the post! Have you considered only showing the footer on the last slide? That is an option under Settings > Footer.
Posted by Adam
June 12, 2019
I have considered that, but that is not what our church would like to do. If we only showed it on the last slide, then you could only see the song information when we were finished singing with the song, and that last slide would only be up for a few seconds. We like to have the song information up the whole time while lyrics are being displayed so that people can see the original author and maybe look up the artist themselves to listen to the songs at home.

Also, another reason I ask about this is because sometimes we have the same background for multiple songs. The worship leader might talk during or in between songs. So let's say he is talking after having finished one song. If I assume he will then go to the next song in the list, then the blank slide of that song will show the footer information for this next song. However, let's say he decides to go back and sing a chorus from the previous song. Now the blank slide I have was confusingly showing the information of the next song to the congregation, and I feel like that creates a small distraction.

I just feel like a blank slide should be blank. Now if I press the F10 hotkey then the slide will actually be completely blank, but it will still, at first, show a "blank" slide with footer information then, when I press F10, show an actual blank slide.
Posted by Tyruke
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