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Global Keyboard Short Cuts - to enable cue launches for live streaming

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By: Jonathon Latest post: September 7, 2020, 10:32am EDT
September 7, 2020
Hot keys are great in the app, but I would like to see global keyboard short cuts.

Problem - lag between changing to a different cue type ie from song to video and the live stream operators being a step behind.

Use case: When live streaming I want to be able to launch a cue (typically a video) and at the same time change the setting on the live stream (ATEM Mini Pro) and change the Source on the ATEM to the computer.

This would be actioned from a stream deck running companion from bit focus. If we had global short cuts then all of this could be actioned with one button press. (NB it can be done if I run the video from OBS, but then I still have to get the video back into the in-house projection.

(NB I have posted before on having solved this, but it only works worship extreme window is active - i am looking for something global, or a similar solution that would give companion access to worship extreme cues.)

Thanks in advance
Posted by Mark
September 7, 2020
Hi Mark,

This is basically what I was asking for in my post. Hopefully they will integrate it. I haven't really had to use WE in the past 6 months since we aren't showing lyrics on the screen. Hopefully we can get back to normal and I will start using it again.

Posted by Jonathon
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