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Lyric overlay delay

April 24, 2020
Good evening!

This is our first week using OBS & WE - everything is amazing! We are excited to be able to include some videos sent in from our congregation in addition to musical worship & the message. My husband (pastor) is attempting to have the lyrics for our music displayed on the screen as well as passages of Scripture being read. Everything shows up as expected, however when we test the live stream (so far to YouTube, unlisted. Hoping to add Facebook too for Sunday), the lyric overlay does not line up correctly with the audio & video of the stream. We know the audio & video have a real time delay, but it seems like the lyrics are not quite as delayed. So they lyrics, though are right in person, change too soon when we watch on YouTube.

I hope I have explained this well. Is there something we are missing or can change to fix this?

Thank you!
Posted by Liz
April 27, 2020
Hi Liz- I suggest asking this question in our user Facebook group.
Posted by Adam
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