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Text as part of a "Countdown Until" timer

July 13, 2020
It would be great if the countdown until timer had the ability to show "Service Starts in:" + the timer.
Posted by Ron
July 14, 2020
That can be added using the "Alert" option or by creating a slide with that text.
Posted by Adam
July 14, 2020
You're right Adam, but since I have a "rotator" with about 15 slides that plays for 30 minutes before the service starts, and we change some of those slides each week (Bible Study topics, Weekly devotional thoughts, etc.) it's a lot of work to clone an existing slide (which has the "Service start in:" title) and then swap out the graphic. It's also difficult to get the fonts to match up, since the slice title has a point-size selector, and the countdown has a "size slider". The also use independent shadow and outline configuration. All told, that makes it difficult to get things to look the same and line up correctly.
Posted by Ron
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