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Please give ability to edit scriptures

November 20, 2019
I don’t feel like the speaker presenting the scriptures has the ability to put emphasis on words or phrases. It would be really cool even if the users could just adjust the font size, change the font, bold, italicize just like on PowerPoint. The lack of creativity with the scriptures can really dampen that part of the program. Yes it is really cool to be able to look verses and display them immediately but it just lacks the ability to provide ingenuity and creativity across. It might also be cool if we could change the background and text to a different color but I don’t feel like that would add as much to the scriptures as the ability to adjust font. Sometimes it is also difficult to for the scriptures properly on a screen when you’re changing display screens and when you’re using abnormally sized display screens. I feel like the font adjustment would kind of cancel this out and make it more user friendly. Also some verses and passages are quite long and without the ability to format a text box or the text itself. Yes you can do all that on slides but then what’s the point of the scriptures section. I just think it’d be awesome if we had the ability to do some basic edits to our scriptures
Posted by Nash
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