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Navigation matching display format?

November 16, 2020
Is it possible to have the navigation reflect on display format? Main example of this is that we are using "lower third" for song words and so we have only two lines of lyrics at the bottom of each screen - yet the navigation still shows the full screen and hence limits the number of legible screens that can be displayed at any one time.

I recognise that it is possible to have more screens shown by reducing the size of each - but with less than 20:20 eyesight legibility of the lyrics goes when any more than two screens are shown side by side.

I recognise that the first instance of each block also shows with a large initial character - which helps when the song is familiar - but whether this is unique to use - we do seem to be using more and more new material at the moment (and like the eyesight memory is not what it was).

It seems to me that when only a part of the screen is being shown (eg lower third) then it should be straightforward for WE to adjust the navigation accordingly.

I can't find that it does this ... can anyone advise please?
Posted by Phil
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