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Not Enough Cloud Storage

August 23, 2017
Is it a common thing to run out of cloud storage, even with everything in my library has been deleted? 

I'm at a small church, so I just upload one powerpoint at a time to my library and then use that one powerpoint in my cue list, sometimes with a video, or other media. The powerpoint I'm trying to upload is 35.4 mb and it's saying I don't have enough cloud storage to upload it. But I don't have anything else in my library. Is there a difference in deleting things from my library vs deleting them from my cloud?

Posted by Kelly
August 24, 2017
Thanks for the post.  Deleting from your library is the same as deleting from the cloud, you're good there.  Shoot me an email, and I can talk specifics about your account.
Posted by Adam
September 30, 2018
I am having this same issue... Any suggestions?
Posted by Laura
December 30, 2018
Had a similar issue. try going into settings>Library & Database then click "perform deep sync"
with a regular sync, deletions don't seem to go thru. maybe something to fix in future versions?
Posted by Morgan
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