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Renaming or assigning slide titles?

December 3, 2018
I enter slides through copy and paste often.  I then split into slides by using ALT+Enter.  What I can't see is how to rename the slide titles.  I can't see how to view thumbnails or any other way to tag slides without saving and going into a different view or clicking through slides and trying to remember what each slide is!  What am I missing!?  This is a make or break issue for me and with my limited experience it seems that the program auto generates slide titles (like verse 2b verse 2c...) on it's own without any ability to select verse, chorus, or see a thumbnail of what is happening in a different panel.  Thanks community!
Posted by Seth
December 3, 2018
You can set the slide title in the text box right above the slide editor and below for the tool bar.
Posted by Adam
December 3, 2018
Yes, that is helpful. Thanks. It doesn't look like a text box as much as a label so I didn't see it over there. I wish the right click dialog box in the slides panel had: Delete, Duplicate, Label: Verse { }, Label: Chorus { }, and Label: Bridge { }. Better yet, a thumbnail view would be great over in slides bar. 

Context sensitive sequential numbering so it would be faster and easier to organize slides without mousing over to the left and typing each title. 

Thanks for the tip though Adam. I appreciate it. 

Case closed.
Posted by Seth

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