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In built graphics

January 1, 2021
Using Worship Extreme in our church have an i7 with 16gb and dedicated graphics card with 3 displays attached.
1. operator screen
2. Projectors
3. extra display for capturing for OBS.

I could do with another separate display to use for stage display; the motherboard has two displayports which are currently not used.

If I was to start using the inbuilt Displayports on the motherboard would that have a detrimental affect on the performance of the computer ?

Posted by Nigel
January 2, 2021
If there is a performance hit, it most likely won't be noticeable. I suggest giving it a try and seeing what the results are.
Posted by Adam
January 2, 2021
Ok, will give it a go; is it likely to make any difference which display I output to the inbuilt graphics card i.e. stage, operator or Main ?
Posted by Nigel
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