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Lock Cue List

July 26, 2018
While the drag and drop feature is great, I've had more than one instance where the cues have moved into different positions whether by accident or on purpose, it would be nice if the cues could be locked to prevent them from getting moved around on a Sunday during the service.
Posted by Peter
June 11, 2019
Yes. I would like to reaffirm this 1,000 times! Its frustrating when we've gone over everything with a fine tooth comb numerous times leading up to worship, and then someone--whether the lead minister when he's dropping his ppt presentation in or one of the folks in the sound room--accidentally drags a cue out of place. Really throws the flow of service and confuses a LOT of people instantly: worship team via confidence monitor, worship leader because what I'm doing is out of sync with sound room, worship extreme operator because the order is suddenly garbled, and congregation. This seems like an easy fix. Just a simple toggle switch at the top of the cue list side bar that locks the drag and drop feature.
Posted by Jonathan
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