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Display selected slides only on Stage display and not to audience

March 21, 2021
With Stage Display on Pro, can I send selected slides to just the Stage display and not show on audience display?
Posted by Rick
March 22, 2021
No, that's not possible at this time.
Posted by Adam
April 20, 2021
There might be a work around to do this, but would require an alert person controlling the Presenter.

Remember that the Stage display displays the current and next slide in a cue group.

Create a two slide powerpoint for that, with the first containing slide what the audience needs to see, and the last containing the stage display information.
Import and add in as a new cue group.

Just let the Presenter user know to not go to the 2nd slide in that set, and simply skip to the next group with the down arrow.
Posted by Ian
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