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Bible verses on presentation.

July 17, 2016
Hello Worship Extreme Team, 

I'm pretty grateful of the work you are doing. In fact today we tested the remote app during the morning sermon and the pastor using it loved it! :) (We had issues with this - presentation controlled by the pastor himself - for years, and you solved it!)

Now, into business: the feature request. We would like to have a module for presenting bible verses on the go - as the countdown or the alerts - so we can present verses on unplanned events, i.e.: Sunday school get to many visitors and not all of them bring bibles with them, so we would like to present the verses as the pastor go thru the lesson.

On the same subject, you guys might like to redesign the verse picker, I'm attaching a graphic example that our presentation team over here finds more "usable" or at least gives a  quicker selection.

<a href="">Here to see the image.</a>

Thanks and blessings!

PD: The image button didn't liked the url of my image.
Posted by Lukas
July 19, 2016
Hi Lukas-

Awesome!  Thanks for the kind words, love that the remote worked well for you.

Great suggestion.  We are planning on to overhaul the scripture section, plus add the ability to insert scripture into slides presentations.  I noted your suggestion regarding a "quick scripture" option.  I think that would be of great value.

Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Adam
July 22, 2016
I am fairly new to using Worship Extreme but in my short time with it I can see the forward thinking involved. Also the support has been great. Here are some notes I had about the Scripture view. 

One thing I would love to see improved is working with scriptures.
It does not feel very intuitive at the moment and when the pastor does not give you scriptures ahead of time it can take a while to get it pulled up. Possibly something could be done when you select the first reference chapter to have the verses displayed below and they could sort of be "LIVE" so you could just select them on the fly and add to a cue. Another thought would be to be able to do some sort of CTRL select to select specific scriptures from the range presented. I think what I find confusing is to have to set a start and end chapter and verse.

It would be amazing to have the scripture controls in the remote app almost like an alert of sorts so you could pull a reference up and fire it on the screen if you had to.

Also New American Standard would be a great translation to add. This is what our pastors use. I understand about licensing and such as a reason it might not be there already.

Thanks again!
Posted by Simeon
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