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Song Title Header-All Song Slides - Using Song Select

January 27, 2020
New User. We are experimenting with Worship Extreme to replace our decades of using "Open Office Impress" (Mimics Powerpoint).

My current challenges are determining if and how to build a SONG Template where I can build in a fixed header text space to load the Song Title AND "HYMN #" (we would paste these on the slides once we bring the song lyrics in from Song Select and arrange), at the top of every Song slide. Reason, the Title slide that can be setup to show at the beginning of each song is not presented long enough for congregation to see the hymn # in time, and many start singing using the slides, then switch to the hymnal. Looks to me, when specifically uploading song lyrics from Song Select, there is not option to ADD a header text box for a Title block on every slide?

I am really stuck when the song lyrics in our hymnal do not have a corresponding song in Song Select, then I am editing the entire song to match what is in our hymnal.

If I simply upload are "ready to go" songs from our song arsenal in Open Office into WE SLIDES, and we need/want to change something (typo, add a chorus or repeat), there is no ability to modify anything once it is in Worship Extreme. Have to go back to source document, modify, then upload it back into WE.

Please do not take this as complaining here, just hard to explain my conundrum's without sounding like it.

In His Service, Bill H.
Posted by William
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