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Permanent Image for Every Song

January 3, 2020
Can you make an option to have a permanent image for each individual song instead of picking it out every time?
Posted by Iglesia Emanuel
January 4, 2020
Under Settings > Defaults, select the image as the Default Background.
Posted by Adam
January 23, 2020
Hello Adam. I believe Iglesia was referring to the ability to store each song with a specific background so that every time that song is added to a cue list, the chosen background is applied. The Default Background option only allows a single background to be used when adding all songs to a cue list.

For example, if I bring in "Holy Holy Holy" from SongSelect, I may want to set a background of, say, a cross. Then every time I add that song to a cue list, I would like the cross background to be used. Then, if I bring in "The Stand" from SongSelect, I may want to select a background of a person standing with their arms up. Then every time I add that song to a cue list, I would like the background of the person standing to be used.

I hope that clarifies Iglesia's request. Thank you for such a great piece of software!
Posted by Joseph
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