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July 5, 2019
This may sound simple, but changing this would be very helpful for a smooth church presentation. PLEASE VOTE IF YOU AGREE! :)

Try this on your Worship Extreme:
Make sure the display toggle is off. Then click on any cue. You will see it in the small preview display (bottom left). Now toggle “display 2” back ON.

At this point you would assume your cue would instantly display on the screen. But it doesn’t. Your cue is removed from the preview and it shows a black screen on your projector screen (display 2).

This is what this means during your church service:
If you need to turn “display 2” off for any reason during your church service, your desktop wallpaper will simply display on your projector screen (ours is our church logo). So no problem! But anytime you go to turn “display 2” back on, the congregation will see a black screen... until you quickly search for your bible verse or cue again and click it.

I don’t think the screen should ever be black during a church service. It makes it look like something went wrong. When you toggle display 2 on again, it should instantly display whatever cue is clicked. Not a black screen. A screen that goes black never looks good during a church service.

Posted by Michael
July 8, 2019
This absolutely makes sense. I agree!
Posted by Kim
July 9, 2019
Yeah to be honest, if it took away your cues when display 2 was turned off that wouldn’t be preferable. But when it removes your cues (that are already clicked) when turning display 2 on, it forces you to always see a black screen. No way to get around it. Everyone always sees the screen go black. I really hope this can be changed! It would be very helpful to us.
Posted by Michael
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