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Change to Custom position the Scripture reference text

August 16, 2019
Hey y'all, can you consider allows to users to move the bible reference?

If an user wants to move at bottom-right of screen he won't be to able
Posted by Tatán
October 1, 2019
and also the scripture reference should display only the reference and not the bible name. Or if one would need to display the bible name make a separate control for it.
Posted by Daniel
November 13, 2019
Agreed. And also - add some better functionality into this area to make more useable - for e.g. aloow the verse that's located to be altered (say I want to only display the 2nd half of the verse ... or chop it, and add elipses to the verse "Truly I say ...")
Posted by Peter
November 14, 2019
Moving the Bible reference was added in 2020.1, currently an early adopter download,
Posted by Adam
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