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Shortcut keys for individual song slides
By: Gideon Latest post: June 14, 2019, 4:04am EDT
November 21, 2018
Would like to be able to navigate song without cursors or mouse. E.g. "C" for chorus, "B" for bridge "1" for verse 1 etc.  
Posted by Tomas
June 14, 2019
Yes, I think this would be really useful. It would be nice to have defaults as suggested above, and also have the ability to change/set custom hot keys.
Posted by Gideon
September 29, 2019
This would make things so much easier. Sorry to say, but in my previous church we used ProPresenter which does have this feature and it was so much more efficient to respond to what the band were doing. Such a simple feature but so so useful.
Posted by Adam
November 16, 2019
In reconfiguring our monitor setup so the media tech could see the stage display, we purchased a new touchscreen monitor as the main screen. Moving around can be done easily rather than worrying about the mouse.
Posted by Avalon Alliance
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