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Video Stream Display

May 29, 2020
My church wants to use the Video Feed option as our live stream output. A problem we currently have with this is the same song will need to have different text displays. One with the text centered and the other at the bottom third. We can work around this by using two computers and two lyrics files for each song; "There Is A Cloud CNTR" & "There Is A Cloud BTM3". This requires two computers, lyrics files, and people to run it.

My request is to have a Video Stream display, similar to the Stage Display. The Main Display shows the lyrics for the congregation with the lyrics files text settings and one for the Video Stream Display set automatically at the bottom third. Like the Stage Display but set up with a green or Video Feed background and the text fixed at the bottom third with options for text formatting, advanced, margins etc.
Posted by John
June 2, 2020
Yes I am looking for the same feature too. I am overcoming this temporary by displaying the lyrics at the middle third of the screen. then at OBS setup a source to capture WE display output, trim the top and bottom third, and move the middle third to the bottom of the screen so it appears as lower third.

This works, but my laptop runs at over 50% over an hour. I am hoping I can off load the work to some hardware encoder like ATEM Mini Pro, but as far as I know their downstream key feature only allow full screen inputs, so the trick won't work.

Besides, it would allow more creative freedom for having separate displays with different designs, instead of using the same design and apply to 2 different settings
Posted by Nelson
June 2, 2020
We too are looking at the ATEM Mini Pro and know that OBS hack won't last for long on our computers. We need the hardware and the feature.
I've read other users using the Stage Display as a lower third output. It's a good idea but our worship singers need the Stage Display for lyrics.
Posted by John
June 2, 2020
I thought about using Stage Display too, but as far as I know it is text only, still not really useful to me
Posted by Nelson
June 3, 2020
I just need the ability to setup multiple main displays and assign different templates to each one. Of course on the topic it wouldn't hurt to add another stage display as well.
Posted by Harry
July 12, 2020
I would like to see this added, as well. Our church has recently updated to WorshipExtreme from very old software and this feature would make it just right with live streaming.
Posted by Nic
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