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Is there a way to change background during live service?

November 22, 2019
can I change background of lyrics during the worship service?
for example, when on lively songs, I want to change the background video from time to time so it won't get somewhat boring/static,
and for slow medley songs, when all instruments are not playing and only vocals, I want the background to just be black to remove any distractions
Posted by Erowin
November 23, 2019
If I'm understanding you correctly, you want the background to change multiple times during one song? I've always been of the "let the main thing be the main thing" mentality myself (in this case, the lyrics), so it would be distracting (to me) to be doing this. However I guess you could do it by creating several cues with the same song, deleting the slides you don't want with a particular background and choose the background how you see fit.
You may want to submit this as a feature request for future revisions.
Posted by Tim
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