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delete cue list

November 14, 2016
is there a way to delete cue's from your cue list?
Posted by GiGi
November 14, 2016
Yes, right click a cue and choose "Delete".  Or edit a cue and the click the delete button in the top right.
Posted by Adam
January 17, 2017
One thing that threw me is that I wasn't able to delete from the "Latest Cue Lists" panel.  I was able to delete once I selected Cue Lists from the menu option.
Posted by Greg
January 12, 2019
Yes, you can delete a cue list by clicking "Cue Lists" at the top, finding the cue list, right clicking and choose "Delete".
Posted by Adam
January 30, 2021
This "solution" doesn't seem to work for iOS. Am I missing something? or is there a different solution for my MacBook?
Posted by Michael
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