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Scripture display formatting / breaks

February 29, 2020
With the scripture tool, the slide breaks automatically "At Verse", and I have to set it to "Every (x) words" every time displaying a bible passage, so I would like in settings to be able to set a default Slide break option.

Also, with breaking "Every (x) words", it usually breaks in the middle of sentences. Maybe the software could automatically detect where the sentences start/end and intelligently break before the next sentence starts. Or detect where the verses start/end and ditto.

Alternatively, there could be an option to break where a word goes outside the (designated) margin, so the slide automatically fills the available space with as many words as can fit (while following the user-specified font type/size and margin parameters), otherwise the break sometimes looks like just one word in the middle of the last line, breaking mid-sentence, which looks a bit strange, and looks like wasted space?

Basically I either want the scripture tool to fit as many verses/sentences as possible into a slide based on customisable margins/font size, and break at the end of sentences/verses,
Or, fit as many words as possible into a slide based on customisable margins/font size, breaking from the first word that goes outside the margins.
Posted by Lisa
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