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Easy way to delete media/ppts on cloud

September 9, 2020
I uploaded a batch of ppts. I deleted them from the local machine. But they are still on the cloud. There needs to be a way so that we can select several media items (pics, ppts, videos, etc) at once and delete them, with an option to delete from the local machine and from cloud storage as well with one step. I would like a windows like folder/file view to select what I want to delete and them everything selected is deleted. A pop up asking if we want to delete from the could storage as well would not be out of place.
Posted by Kevin
September 14, 2020
In the media library, you can switch to the "list" view, then check all the media you'd like to delete and do a batch delete.
Posted by Adam
September 15, 2020
I'm glad i came across this post ... the list view is awesome and makes it so much easier to handle media.

Thanks for suggesting this.
Posted by Warren
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