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Slides to lower 3rd on Live Stream

December 22, 2020
I have followed the instructions to have a 3rd display for OBS to live stream and have main display for the in church projectors. This 3rd Display is to use lower 3rd so that I can merge it with a camera and main display is set to centre.

Song words and scripture appear in the lower 3rd of the 3rd Display however the slides I have created for our liturgy stays in the centre.
Posted by Nigel
December 22, 2020
Templates only work for songs and scripture. Slides will be full screen. If you need the liturgy to be a lower third, you'll want to make it a "song".
Posted by Adam
December 23, 2020
Adam - thanks for the response, I sort of guessed that but just wanted to check.
Posted by Nigel
January 1, 2021
I haven't seen where you can set the volume for each song which would be a great feature to have
Posted by Paul
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