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Under Consideration

PowerPoint timing and/or additional slide timing

February 23, 2020
Our church's pre-service announcements have a mix of slides...some are very short (like a "Welcome" screen) and some that have full paragraphs of text. Currently, PowerPoint is still used to display announcements as it has the ability to have each slide display for a specific varying time. My suggestion is to either a) have WE take into account timing of slides from the PowerPoint presentation when displaying in WE (I know if I use PowerPoint in WE we can accomplish this, however the goal is to eliminate PowerPoint from opening so that we can utilize a countdown on top of the announcements) and/or b) give slides the ability to change timing from one slide to the next, so they're not all the same intervals.
Posted by Tim
March 7, 2020
does it not respect PP timings?
Posted by Richard
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