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Instant Launch of Songs

November 22, 2019
Good day,
I just started learning WorshipExtreme,
hopefully I can use it on our church anniverysary this coming december.

I watched this:
one of the feature he said is he can instantly launch scriptures now without having to add on cue list,

would it be awesome feature too if it can be done on songs? when our pastor wants to sing a specific song/impromptu song or a sudden song
or is it already on Version 2020?
Posted by Erowin
November 23, 2019
Right now,'d have to add it to the cue list. F3 to add to the cue list, select lyrics, find your song, hit Launch. Note that this is much easier if you have a live band. If you're dependent on MP3s for the music, you'll have to find that before Launching the cue (hopefully you have it in your media library beforehand). Also note, if your display is blank before Launching the Lyrics and your default background setting is to inherit the previous cue, the background will be blank for the song so you may want to go into settings beforehand and select a default background if you don't want that to happen.
Posted by Tim
December 2, 2019
I've found the quickest way to add a song is to click "Songs" at the top, find the song, then drag it to the open cue list and fire it.
Posted by Adam
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